Tongues of Fire


the foundation of the victoria poetry project, Tongues of Fire (ToF) is the longest-running poetry open mic on lekwungen territory today. most ToF shows consists of an open mic for the first half of the evening, then a performance set by our invited featured poet! usually occurring every 2nd and 4th* thursday of the month at the Caffè Fantastico Quadra Village Roastery, ToF is an open mic that prioritizes and strives to facilitate safe spaces for poets who may have never performed before or artists who may want to experiment with a new piece.

open mic specs

  • we welcome all written, oral literary traditions and multilingual expressions
  • 5 minutes maximum to perform
  • up to 12 performers per show
  • you can say whatever you want (your original work)… but leave your hate at the gate! we have zero tolerance for hate speech. please review our anti-harassment policy here
  • acoustic musical accompaniment welcome
  • most importantly, enjoy and take good care of yourself

CAFFÈ FANTASTICO (Quadra Village Roastery) is a beautiful all-ages cafe that serves hot beverages, beer, wine, cider and snacks. there are two non-gendered, single-stall washrooms. there are two ways to enter and exit. one door is on Kings St, the other door is via Quadra St. there are three stairs between the service area and the main seating area. the main seating area may also be accessed from the street level on Quadra St.

we recognize the many variables of live events and open mics may be outside of our control but our priority is to make all of our spaces safe for people of all backgrounds and identities. racism, homophobia, misogyny, ageism, transphobia, sexism and any and all other kinds of discrimination and micro aggressions will not be tolerated on stage, amongst our audience and will be dealt with according to our Anti-Harassment Policy here