safety + accessibility

we recognize the many variables of live events and open mics may be outside of our control but our priority is to make all of our spaces safe for people of all backgrounds and identities. racism, homophobia, misogyny, ageism, transphobia, sexism and any and all other kinds of discrimination and micro aggressions will not be tolerated on stage, amongst our audience and within our community.  we have created an Anti-Harassment Policy to address this and you may read the AHP by clicking here.


our accessibility plan is a living document that shows our work in progress as we revise, edit and continue to learn best practices. we cooperate with each venue space to best inform individuals who will be attending our events. currently, our ToF shows, usually twice a month (jan-may and sept-dec) are being held in person at Caffe Fantastico. we kindly encourage indoor mask wearing to keep our poets and community healthy throughout the season. please bear in mind there are no current masking requirements at the venue; audience members and patrons at the venue may be unmasked.

Caffè Fantastico (Quadra Village Roastery), is a beautiful all-ages cafe that serves hot beverages, beer, wine, cider and snacks.

Entrances/Exit: There are two ways to enter and exit. One door is on Kings St. The other door is via Quadra St. Access note: Entering from King St, there are three steps between the service area and the main seating area.

The main seating area may be accessed from the street level on Quadra St.

Washrooms: There are two non-gendered, single-stall washrooms. There are no automatic buttons in these facilities.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about this event and/or our venue. We aim to be inclusive and welcoming. Please share your access needs and we will do our best to implement these requests before your arrival.

Venue direct contact:

For any other inquiries or provide suggestions to our ongoing accessibility plan, please do not hesitate to email us at or click here

thank you kindly!