*if you are interested in featuring Fall 2023 or 2024 Season, please send an email with the subject title FT to vppdirector@gmail.complease include a brief expression of interest letter, and provide one link to a recent sample of your work. thanks kindly!

**if you want to know get involved or serve on our board? please reach out!

our mailing address:
p.o. box 8557, victoria main
709 yates st
victoria, bc  v8w 3s2

not sure who you should ask or for other inquiries (ie: workshops/spoken word performances), send us a note here

we are a very small team, so please expect a response within 3-5 days between Tuesday-Friday 11am-5pm. we are offline + resting for winter break (december 19-january 08) and summer break (june 5 – august 31).

thank you so much for your understanding and patience. warm wishes + take good care!