the canadian individual poetry slam (c.i.p.s.)


***the 2019 c.i.p.s. representative for victoria was s j valiquette***

  • what is c.i.p.s.?
  •  each april/may, c.i.p.s. is a featured competition at the verses festival of words in vancouver, bc
  • each slam poetry venue in canada sends 1 representative to c.i.p.s. to compete to win the title of c.i.p.s. champion
  • verses allows poets who don’t represent a city to ‘storm CIPS’ if room allows

our 2019 competitors were:
– dana neily
– juliette blake jacob
– juniper-mae
– marie metaphor specht
– rachel mcbride
– shauntelle dick-charleson
– sj valiquette

what’s the format of the vic slam c.i.p.s. qualifier?
• there are 4 rounds of competition and each poet competes in each round (no eliminations):
– 4-minute round
– 1-minute round
– 2-minute round
– 3-minute round
• competing poets should be prepared with 1 poem for each round that fits within its time limit
• we pre-randomize the order of poets competing for each round, which is revealed at the show
• the poet with the highest overall score wins and becomes our 2019 c.i.p.s. representative
• all other rules are the same as vic slam; find them on our slam rules page

if you have questions about our c.i.p.s. qualifier, please contact us

find out more information about c.i.p.s. by visiting the c.i.p.s. faq for poets