Artistic Director Job Posting

Job description: 

-The Artistic Director for the Victoria Poetry Project reports to the not-for-profit’s Board of Directors to manage and facilitate the ongoing everyday tasks and operational needs of the Victoria Poetry Project’s yearly season. 

Roles and Responsibilities: 

-Report to the board on a regular basis and attend all board meetings
-Propose budget and present it to board for approval 

  • *must get approval from the board for any and all spending
  • Get approval from board for personnel changes

-Programming for shows:

  • Booking features/show series
  • Workshops

-Venue liaison
-Social Media and Website (WordPress) maintenance 
-Correspondence (email, phone, etc)
-Booking and payments 
-Overall staff management 

  • May contract out volunteer coordination to a volunteer/paid position with permission from board
  • Oversee other staff positions such as Raising Voices Coordinator, Vic Voices Coordinator and Grant Writer

Qualifications and Skills:

-Strong communicator***
-Creative or arts administration background preferred but not necessary
-Comfortable in leadership positions
-Conflict resolutions skills
-Due to the possibility of some events being in 19+ venues, must be 19 years of age or older
-Must be familiar and comfortable using Instagram and facebook
-Vulnerable populations criminal record check
-We encourage applicants from marginalized communities to apply
-We are a queer, disabled and bipoc welcoming community 
-This position is mostly remote with the possibility of being 100% remote
-Self-motivated and able to work independently


-$25/hr at 5-7 hours a week year round with fewer responsibilities and hours from June-August.

How to Apply: 

-Please submit a cover letter and resume via email to with the subject line, “Artistic Director Application”


September 20th

Start date: 

On or before Oct. 1