meet the 2018 vic slam team

2018 vic slam team
from l to r: marie metaphor, hilary somerville, dana neily, and olivia kompier

the 2018 vic slam team is comprised of the four highest-scoring poets from our 2017/18 vic slam finals held in may 2018.
this group of incredible femme poets will be travelling to the 15th annual canadian festival of spoken word from october 28th – november 3rd in guelph, ontario to represent victoria on the national stage.

the team has been fundraising as much as they can over the last few months, but still need a bit more help to cover all of their costs. if you can, please consider donating to the team today. you can also donate in-person at tongues of fire ft. the 2018 vic slam team on october 17th by purchasing one of their chapbooks or just giving them some cash.

poet bios

olivia kompier tempering ferocity with vulnerability and humor, olivia’s poetry often touches on the theme of being true to oneself while navigating religion, sexuality, gender-politics and being a muslim in a post-trump world. as a newcomer to the scene, olivia won the first poetry slam she participated in, earning her a seat as a finalist at the vpp’s slam finals, where she went on to tie for first place with fellow teammate marie metaphor. as a writer, her publications include the 2018 short story hijrah from the harem published in habibi: a muslim love anthology (written under the pen name ivy west). she performed at the international women’s day bread and roses event in victoria, bc with her poems dear girl, cover your beauty and american refugee. originally from east chicago, illinois, she has lived in victoria, bc since february 2018.

marie metaphor is an educator, visual artist, poet, and poetry coach who believes in stories shared. she is currently tied with teammate olivia kompier for the title of victoria slam champion and is a two-time member of the victoria slam team. she believes in the incredible power of vulnerability in spoken word and its ability to breed empathy and understanding among diverse individuals and communities. she knows there is a particular kind of collaborative magic that happens when people artfully share their thoughts and lived experience while an attentive audience holds space for that sharing. marie has coached 6 high school slam poetry teams and has witnessed firsthand the empowering and transformative nature of this art form.  recently, she’s performed at i.m.b.y. (in my backyard) interactive arts showcase in victoria, bc; otherworld regional burningman festival in cowichan valley, bc; and at the 13th annual canadian festival of spoken word in winnipeg, manitoba. she’s published in issue 4.1 of the untethered literary magazine and in the 2018 autumn/winter issue of literary journal oratorealis.

dana neily is a poet and performer exploring the connections between mental health, sexuality, and community. she represented victoria at the 2017 canadian individual poetry slam (c.i.p.s.) in vancouver, bc and is a two-time member of the vic slam team. her work has been featured in literary journals oratorealis and the blasted tree, and she has been a featured performer in venues across victoria, bc. dana performed, wrote, and produced a one-person show titled a thousand anxious nights as part of the intrepid theatre’s youshow program. when not writing, she is studying english and psychology at the university of victoria and helping to run the student mental health awareness club. she believes in the power of words to bring change and boost hearts. dana brings humour and comic book references to such subjects as love, death, and everything there is to worry about in-between.

hilary somerville lives in victoria, bc on the territories of the lewkungen people (now known as the esquimalt and songhees first nations), where she avidly creates, works, and (un)learns as much as she can. she discovered spoken word in 2013 when she took a course with missie peters, and since then has she has performed in vpp’s 2017-18 season, leading her to become a finalist in vpp’s 2018 c.i.p.s. qualifier; subscura with special guests in vancouver, bc; vancouver poetry house’s 2017-18 slam season in vancouver, bc; and at sculptures: a multi-media show in vancouver, bc. her poetry most often reflects aspects of feminism, settler responsibility, the sacred in the sexual, psychology, and a little bit of storytelling. spoken word is an outlet where she can reflect the array of her observed and lived experiences, as well as explore the ether; she loves to flounder in the light, but is not afraid to explore the velvety and forgotten darkness. hilary has an earnest desire to change things within and without, and believes in the spiritual, psychological, and tangible power of words and the worlds which they help to create.